Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits

Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits

Beautiful custom watercolor portraits of your dog or cat

A watercolor portrait of your pet. Each portrait is painted on 140lb 100% cotton watercolor paper, using artist quality paints.

You can email photos to me using the email link at the top of the page. Once I receive the photos I will get back to you and discuss composition ideas and color schemes. When the painting is finished I will email you a scan of the finished portrait. At this time, you can let me know if there are any minor corrections you would like done, and I will do my best to correct it for you.


What if I don't like the finished painting?
I will do everything I can to make the corrections to your liking. If after several attempts, the finished painting is still not to your liking, I will refund you money back to you. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Rejected paintings become the property of the artist.

What kind of photos should I send?
You should send a photo of your pet in the pose that you want your pet painted in. If you want a painting of your pet lying down, I would need a photo of your pet lying down. You know what your pet looks like lying down, but I do not. So I paint them as I see them.
If you send me a full body photo, but just want a painting of the head and shoulders, I can do that. Natural light photos make the best paintings. I can work from photos taken with direct flash, but these photos tend to look flat and lose detail.
The photo is the only impression I have of your pet, so the better the photo that you can send me, the more I have to work with.

Will you sell prints of my pet portrait?
No, not without your permission. You will have the original and only copy. Some people like to have me sell prints of their pet portrait, because it increases the exposure and value of the original, but that choice is entirely yours.